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Kristijan Obšust

Kristijan Obšust is a social anthropologist and archeologist, Msc (Msr). He studied and graduated from the Department of Archeology and the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology of Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. He is an independent researcher, founder of the Centre for Collective Identity and Political Mythology Research, expert associate of several cultural and scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations, scientific journals and internet portals at home and abroad. He is the author of scientific studies (Scientific Monographs) Construction of Slavdom in Politics and Science: Creating (All)Slavic Traditions, Ideological Conceptions of Slavic Unity and Reflections Thereof (Belgrade 2013) and Essays on Greek Classical Antiquity and Slavdom: The Impact of Perceptions about Greek Classical Antiquity on the Formation of European Nations and the Construction of Slavdom (Novi Sad 2019). In addition to the above, so far he has written four boks, several papers published in scientific journals and a number of popular science articles, professional papers, reviews and newspaper articles. He coordinated and participated in the realization of several scientific, educational, cultural, and popular science projects at home and abroad (Czech Republic and Slovak Republic). He lives and works in Belgrade and Novi Sad. He is employed at the Archives of Vojvodina and since July 2020, he has been working as an assistant director of the provincial institution – the Archives of Vojvodina.

Fields of academic research: collective identities (ethnic, national, pan-national, regional, religious); political mythology; studies of nationalism; invented traditions; construction of Slavdom and Slavic nationalisms; ethnic, national and pan-national identities of Slavophonic communities; collective memory, the culture of remembrance, the anthropology of death and thanatology.

Other fields of academic interest: political anthropology; Slavic and Balkan studies; Orientalism; nationalism in archeology and the political aspects of archeological interpretation; ethnogenesis of Slavs and Early Slavs archeology; cultural history and archeology of the Ancient Near East; Symbolism, religion, and cult in prehistory; the material legacy of socialism; protection and presentation of cultural heritage.

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