Eparchy of Dalmatia – the Age of Lights

Through the Holy Liturgies the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates the holiday dedicated to the Transfiguration of Jesus, in memory of the event on the Mount Tabor when Jesus Christ, according to tradition, in front of the apostles Peter, James and John, for the first time transfigured and shined as bright as the Sun.

Monastery Krka. Celebration of the Transfiguration of Jesus was held in the Monastery Krka in Kistanje near Knin, in the Eparchy of Dalmatia, where many church dignitaries, monks, priests and believers attended. In the eve of the Transfiguration of Jesus, in the Krka Monastery, an evening service was held, while on the celebration day, the Holy Liturgy was lead by the Bishop of Dalmatia Nikodim, along with other bishops, monks and priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church from the Eparchy of Dalmatia. After the celebration, people who attended the celebration stayed in the monastery for a lovely feast and show.

Present at the celebration of the Transfiguration of Jesus, on the Holy Liturgy in the Krka Monastery, were Dr. Milorad Pupovac, member of the Croatian Parliament, Marko Jelić, Mayor of Knin, Goran Pauk, Head of the Šibenik-Knin District, Đorđe Ćurčić, Deputy Prefect Vukovarskosrijemska, Boris Milošević, member of the Croatian Parliament, Aleksandar Tolnauer, President of the Council for National Minorities of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Dejan Matić, President of the City Municipality of Zemun, Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, Director of the Archives of Vojvodina.

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