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On 9th and 10th June 2022, as part of the last activity on the "REWOMEN - European Women's Remembrance" project, we organized:

opening of the international documentary exhibition "REWOMEN - European Women's Remembrance"

two-day international conference "Legacy of the Women's Liberation Movement in Europe"

promotion of the documentary "Children of the Decree" by Florin lepan

On 9th June at 13:00 we opened international documentary exhibition "REWOMEN - European Women's Remembrance" which is dedicated to the history of Women’s Liberation Movement in Europe.

Upon entering the yard of the Archives of Vojvodina, you can see an installation dedicated to the history of the first SOS helplines for women in six European countries (Serbia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands).

On the ground floor of the Archive, there is the second part of the exhibition dedicated to the history of the first women's studies in Europe, as well as the video "The Tree of Education". The video consists of personal stories of women that depict the generational line of development and educational opportunities from grandmother, mother to daughter.

Around one hundred women of different ages, professional and social profiles from 10 partner countries and 18 organizations participated in the collection of materials for the exhibition. The final version of the exhibited material was edited by expert consultant Mariana Stojčić.

The design of the exhibition was done by Dragana Nikolić, Marija Šujica and Magda Radojlović.

The production of the exhibition was done by a team from the collective "Šok Zadruga": Darija Dragojlović, Magda Radojlović, Ivana Purtić, Konstantin Petrović Vladimir Ilić and Željko Grulović.

The exhibition will be set up until June 30 in the Archives of Vojvodina, after which it will travel through partner cities.


The international conference "Legacy of Women's Liberation Movement" consisted of three panels:

First panel, dedicated to SOS helplines for women was led by: Vedrana Lacmanović (Autonomus Womens Center - Serbia) and Dijana Malbaša (independent lawyer and consultant on violence against women - Serbia)

The second panel, dedicated to women's working rights and unpaid labor of women was led by:

Tjaša Pureber (Glej Theater -Slovenia), Tatiana Mendes (Braga - Portugal), Giulio Stumpo (Liv.In.G. - Italy), Piotr Toczyski (Slawek Foundation - Poland), Emine Kütle (psychology student and activist - Germany).

The third panel dedicated to the development of women's studies was led by: Margareta Bašaragin (Women's Studies and Research - Serbia), Dragana Pejović (Women's Studies and Research - Serbia) and Karolina Lendak Kabok (University of NS, Faculty of Philosophy - Serbia).

On 10th June at 11:00 we aired documentary film "Children of the Decree" about Ceausescu's ban on abortion in Romania by Florin lepan who was present and with whom fruitfull conversation was opened after the airing of the film.

Previous activities realized within the project:

preparatory meeting (Serbia), four two-day international workshops (Germany, Poland, Greece and Slovenia), final international conference and documentary exhibition (Serbia).


Each two-day workshop was dedicated to a specific topic:

Women and peace – women's peace Initiatives, SOS helplines for women (Berlin, Germany)

Women and the economy - women's working rights and women's unpaid labor (Warsaw, Poland)

Women and freedom - reproductive and sexual rights, presentation of women in the media (Athens, Greece)

Women and culture - feminist theory and art, women's studies (Ptuj, Slovenia)


The European Women's Remembrance - REWOMEN project has been supported and co-funded under the Europe for Citizens program of the European Union - Strand 1. European Remembrance.

The Archives of Vojvodina is a lead partner in a collaboration with Foundation "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture" and 16 partner organizations from 10 countries.

With the REWOMEN project partners intend to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Proclamation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights through creating and disseminating the international exhibition devoted to the history of Women's Liberation Movement (WLM) in Europe.

Women's Liberation Movement is one of the most significant human rights movements in the 20th century and represents a real common European history beyond national borders.

The aim of the project is to support and strengthen women's rights by increasing the visibility of European women's history and the development of international women's solidarity.

Project duration: 18 months, from January 2021 to July 2022.

Coordination team: Aleksandra Mirimanov, Ljiljana Bubnjević and Bojan Milosavljević.

Project partners: Serbia (Foundation "Novi Sad 2022 - European Capital of Culture"; IRIDA - Initiative for Equality, Innovation and Social Engagement; SOS Women's Center and Women's Studies and Research), Germany (Multicultural city) Poland (Fundacja Sławek), Greece (Polyplanity and Amaka), Montenegro (Women's Alliance for Development), Albania (Beyond Barriers), Slovenia (BTT Youth, University of Maribor, ZRC SAZU and Ptuj Tourism Public Institute), Italy (Liv.In.G. - Livie Internationalization Gatway), France (Institut des Croisements) and the Netherlands (Stiching Tumba).

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