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The Archives of Vojvodina sent copies of the ''Adventure in the Balkans 1915'' publication to university libraries, national museums as well as eparchies of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States of America, who in turn thanked the Archives of Vojvodina and Director Nebojša Kuzmanović for the copies, in the following notes:

13th of February 2019, New York, USA
The Columbia University Libraries, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, is thankful to us for sending them a copy of ''Adventure in the Balkans 1915''. The original manuscript of Douglas Meriwether Dold ''Adventure in the Balkans 1915'' is stored in this library.

13th of February 2019, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Virginia University Library, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, is thankful to us for sending them a copy of the ''Adventure in the Balkans 1915'' book, that is connected to the documented materials that are located in this library.

1st of February 2019, Alhambra, California, USA
The Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Western America confirmed the arrival of the book and is thankful to us. We were also informed that the news about the ''Adventure in the Balkans 1915'' book was published on Serbici Amerikani.

25th of January 2019, New York, USA
The Bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Eastern America, Irinej Dobrijević, expressed his gratitude, to the Archives of Vojvodina, for the present (the ''Adventure in the Balkans 1915'' book). As a token of appreciation, Bishop Irinej gave the Archives of Vojvodina the ''Great War 1914 – 1918'' book, edited by Dr. Krinka Vidaković Petrov.

24th of January 2019, Washington, USA
The Library of Congress is thankful to us for sending two copies of the ''Adventure in the Balkans 1915'' book. One copy will remain in the Library of Congress while another one will be sent to one of the biggest academic libraries in the USA.

23rd of January 2019, Independence, Missouri, USA
American historian Nancy Cramer is thankful for the copy of ''Adventure in the Balkans 1915'' that the Archives of Vojvodina sent at her request. As a token of gratitude, Nancy Cramer sent a copy of her ''Retreat to Victory in 1915'' book.

9th of January 2019, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
The National Museum and World War I Memorial is thankful for the copies of the ''Adventure in the Balkans 1915'' book.

The ''Adenture in the Balkans 1915'' book, titled after the manuscript of the same name by Douglas Meriwether Dold, an American and member of the Columbia Relief Expedition to Serbia from the Columbia University, during 1915, was presented at the 100th anniversary since the end of the First World War and the unification of the territories of Vojvodina with the Kingdom of Serbia in 1918.


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