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Cartography Workshop in the Archives of Vojvodina

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''COOLture through Novi Sad'' Project

Cartography Workshop in the Archives of VojvodinaToday on the 12th of February 2019, a cartography workshop was held as part of the ''COOLture through Novi Sad'' project in the gallery area of the Archives of Vojvodina. ''COOLture through Novi Sad'' is a project that unified three cultural institutions from Novi Sad – Matica Srpska Gallery, Youth Theatre and the Archives of Vojvodina – with the goal of realizing a program that encompases kids ages 14 to 18, in designing, realizing and promoting the culture of Novi Sad.

In view of the year 2021, when Novi Sad will be the European Capital of Culture, we would like to, together with the kids, highlight the cultural values and importance of our city as well as the importance of its history and culture in a European context.

The cartography workshop was lead by Ljiljana Bubnjević, archivist from the Archives of Vojvodina and project participant, that introduced the high school students to the organizational work of the Archives, before the beginning of the workshop, as well as the procedure for using archival holding, by showing them the Reading Room, Laboratory for Conservation and Restoration as well as the depots that store the fonds of the Archives of Vojvodina.

There is a computer in the Reading Room that is used to access digitized vital records (of birth, baptism, marriage and death) where citizens may research the origin of their family, which the kids were particularly interested in.

The workshop was attended by the other members of the project team such as Ibro Sakić, drama and theatre educationalist and Slavica Vučetić, actress, associates at the Youth Theatre, together with project coordinators Miroslav Žarkov and Stanislava Jovanović, curators of the Matica Srpska Gallery.

Realization of the project was made possible by the ''Novi Sad 2021'' Foundation – European Capital of Culture



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