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  • Arhiv Vojvodine

''Democratization of Digitization'' Workshop in the Archives of the City of Novi Sad

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Радионица „Демократизација дигитализације” у Архиву Града Новог Сада
On the 21st of December 2018, Ognjan Ilić, system administrator, participated in the national workshop of the ''Democratization of Digitization'' project that was held in the Archives of the City of Novi Sad.

After the introductory speech by a representative of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Serbia, Dr. Svetlana Jovanović, the workshop was lead by Professor Gunter Muhlberger from the University in Innsbruck in Austira, who leads the paneuropean team for development of new technologies for digitization of cultural heritage as part of the H2020 project and the Transkribus European collaborative.


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