Архиву Војводине одобрен финансиjски грант за пројекат

The Archives of Vojvodina Have Been Granted Funding for a Project

It is with great pleasure to inform you that the Archvies of Vojvodina, one of the three institutions from the Republic of Serbia that participated in the ”Europe for CitizensEuropean Remembrance” contest, have received funding for the ”European Women’s Remembrance ” project of about 98.280 euros.

The approved ”European Women’s Remembrance” project will be carried out as par of the mutual cooperation between the Archives of Vojvodina and the ”Novi Sad 2021” Foundation. The author and coordinator of the project is Bojan Milosavljević from the ”Novi Sad 2021 – European Culture Capital” Foundation.

The Civil Society Cooperation has, on their internet presentation, made known that the results of the February call for proposals for Stand 1 – European Remembrance, have been released.

As part of this stand in total of 5 projects were submitted while 3 projects, whose project leaders are from the Republic of Serbia among whom are the Archives of Vojvodina, were confirmed.

In contrast with the results from the previous years, these year’s results represent a great success for organizations from Serbia seeing as how only Germany, Spain, Poland and Italy have a larger number of accepted projects than Serbia.

The results will be published on the EACEA website

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