Изложба „Спашавање Србије: америчка мисија и епидемија тифуса у Србији 1915.“ у Архиву Војводине

Exhibition at the Gallery Space of the Archives of Vojvodina by the Author Milovan Pisari ”Rescuing Serbia: The American Mission and the Typhoid Epidemic in Serbia in 1915.”

Today on the 13th of December 2018, the exhibition ”Rescuing Serbia: The American mission and the typhoid epidemic in Serbia in 1915.” was opened in the gallery space of the Archives of Vojvodina by author Dr. Milovan Pisari (Pisarri), Director of the Centre for Public History.

The Centre for Public History and the Archives of Vojvodina organized the set up for this exhibition that shows the historical period of a certain American mission that, during the First World War in April 1915, led the decisive battle against the typhoid epidemic, which killed around 150 000 people in Serbia.

Welcoming words were given by Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, Director of the Archives of Vojvodina.

The author of the exhibition, Dr. Milovan Pisari, spoke about the motivation, subject and method of work as well as the choice of documents for the exhibition, highlighting that from a total of 360 foreign doctors, the greatest contribution was given by the American mission headed by Doctor Richard Strong, who coordinated the revolution in medicine. Mr. Predrag Rajić, President of the Serbian – American forum ”PolitikUS” in Novi Sad and spokesman for the Center for Social Stability, gave a word about the exhibition of archival documents, the historical context, the First World War and Serbian – American relations, as well as opening the exhibition. The project was supported by the US Embassy in Serbia as part of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary since the establishing of diplomatic relations between the USA and the Republic of Serbia

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