Радионица у Историјском архиву Града Новог Сада

Workshop in the Historical Archives of the City of Novi Sad

On December 11th  2018, Ognjan Ilić and Dragan Tanasković, system administrators, participated in the ”Democratization of the digitization of cultural heritage” workshop that was held in the Archives of the City of Novi Sad.

After a welcome speech by Mr Petar Đurđev, Director of the Historical Archives of the City of Novi Sad, the workshop was lead by the following lecturers: Dr. Adam Sofronijević, Jelena Andonovski and Ivana Gavrilović from the Svetozar Marković University Library in Belgrade, who spoke about the importance of digitization of cultural heritage, the transformation, into digital form, the archival holdings that have great significance for the preservation of cultural and scientific heritage and represents the basis for forming society and knowledge that the countries of Europe strive for in the 21th century.

During the presentation by our colleague Jelena Andonovski, Ognjan Ilić, joined in, and as an assistant presenter, demonstrated in an example, by using his own cellphone, the functionality of the presented software – hardware solutions. By following her presentations, he created his own account on the web portal, instaled the required applications and scanned a part of the manuscript book. Mrs Andonovski responded by saying how it was possible for a regular smartphone to turn into a powerful scanner that uses the following applications: Transkribus, DocScan and ScanTent.

Likewise, participants were acquainted with the ”language laboratory” that presents the common project of the Svetozar Marković University Library and Wikimedia Serbia who have developed the first national, digital, grammatical Serbian dictionary, in cyrillic. http://lab.unilib.rs/

The workshop was supported by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Svetozar Marković University Library in Belgrade, Novi Sad City Library, the Ministry of Culture and Information and the ”Novi Sad 2021” Foundaction ECC.

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