Our Colleagues from the Archives of Budapest Visit the Archives of Vojvodina

Our Colleagues from the Archives of Budapest Visit the Archives of Vojvodina

Today the Archives of Vojvodina were visited by Zoltan Silađi (Zoltán Szilágyi), our colleague from the Archive of Budapest, together with the Head of the department tasked with protecting archival holdings Adrien P. Hol (Adrien P. Holl) and Assistant Director Viktor Harasti (Viktor Haraszti). Our colleagues from the Archive of Budapest got a chance to see the laboratory for conservation and restoration of archival holdings at work, and as a present they brought certain materials that need restoration/conservation to the Archives of Vojvodina. Concurrently future cooperation was affirmed with regard to protection of archival holdings.

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The Clinical Centre of Vojvodina visits the Archives of Vojvodina

Клинички центар Војводине у посети Архиву Војводине
Today on the 22th of October 2018, the Manager of the Sector for Technical Services, Nenad Erdeljan, together with his associates, visited the Archives of Vojvodina. Future cooperation was agreed upon concerning the sorting of archival holdings of the Clinical Centre of Vojvodina and the construction of their new depot for housing archival holdings. At the same time, they were informed about the project aimed at constructing a new depot for the Archives of Vojvodina.

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