Activities of the Archives of Vojvodina During the State of Emergency

In line with the new circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the issuing of the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia, the Archives of Vojvodina sought to present most of its project and main activities, while also in terms of publishing a whole array of online content via its internet platforms.

The activities of the Archives of Vojvodina, in the sense of publishing its contents, have been in line with the initiative of the government of the Republic of Serbia called ”DIGITAL SOLIDARITY”


  1. Archives of Vojvodina Portal – ARCHIVUM (

The Archives of Vojvodina Portal – ARCHIVUM – represents an online e-journal by the Archives of Vojvodina initiated at the end of last year which had over twenty articles, essays and other published content made available to the public during the state of emergency. The web portal was registered by the National ISSN Center for Serbia under the reg. number: ISSN (ONLINE) 2683-4405. The web portal publishes scientific, popular-scientific, reviewed and professional articles, as well as other works like overviews, reviews, essays etc. Likewise, the web portal had other content published on it, which was in shorter format, that deal with the project activities of the Archives of Vojvodina as well as its main activities. The portal is mainly focused on archival sciences, or more precisely on archival theory and practice as well as topics dealing with conservation and restoration of archival records. Apart from the aforementioned, as part of the content published on the web portal, there are also works from various fields of social sciences and humanities such as history, historiography, protection and presentation of cultural heritage, archaeology, as well as a whole spectrum of interdisciplinary studies. The number of individual visits to the web portal, which represents the first theme-based e-journal of this kind in Serbian, grows every day.

  1. Remembrance Culture of Novi Sad (

During the state of emergency, employees at the Archives of Vojvodina initiated an English version of an interactive internet platform called REMEMBRANCE CULTURE OF NOVI SAD ( that was declared by the National ISSN Center for Serbia to be an integral source of exceptional importance for Vojvodina. Mapping places of remembrance and the remembrance culture of Novi Sad represents a years-long project dedicated to mapping, recording, interpreting and presenting different locations – places of collective remembrance and commemoration, as well as other locations that are important for the remembrance culture, collective memory and the identity of the city as a whole. The project was started with the basic goal of affirming and researching remembrance culture, nourishing its critical aspect, as well as researching different forms of the city’s collective memory.

  1. Publishing activities of the Archives of Vojvodina

During the state of emergency, the Archives of Vojvodina, as part of its publishing activities, published six new books and studies:

  1. Veľký MederAn Epic of Serbian Suffering (NAĐMEĐER – EPOPEJA SRPSKOG STRADANJA), by Nebojša Kuzmanović;
  2. Free Military Community Petrovaradin 1702-1918 (SLOBODNI VOJNI KOMUNITET PETROVARADIN(1702-1918)) by Danijela Branković;
  3. Students from Today’s Territory of AP Vojvodina in the Kingdom of Hungary’s Universities and High Schools 1736-1850 (STUDENTI SA DANAŠNJE TERITORIJE AP VOJVODINE NA UNIVERZITETIMA I VISOKIM ŠKOLAMA KRALJEVINE UGARSKE 1736-1850) by Laslo Segi in Serbian and Hungarian, translated from Hungarian to Serbian by Šarlota Kartag Miladinov;
  4. Crnjanski’s Light (STENJAK CRNJANSKOG), by Dr. Milivoj Nenin;
  5. Collective Identity of the Slovaks in Serbia: The Importance of Slovak Cultural and Educational Institutions and Confessional Identity for Constructing and Reflecting the National Identity of Slovaks in Serbia (KOLEKTIVNI INDETITET SLOVAKA U SRBIJI: Značaj slovačkih kulturnih i prosvetnih institucija i konfesionalnih identiteta za konstruisanje i refleksije nacionalnog identiteta Slovaka u Srbiji), by Kristijan Obšust and Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović;

Apart from the noted publications, the Archives of Vojvodina posted on their site several of its earlier publications that are available for readers to download for free.

Likewise, during the state of emergency, three new publications were prepared whose publication is expected soon: Jews in Southern Bačka (Jevreji u južnoj Bačkoj) by Radovan Sremac; Serbian Privileges from the 15th to the 19th Century (Srpske privilegije od 15. do 19. veka) by Zoran Stevanović and associate Dejan Jakšić; Torontal County (Torontalska županija) by Olgica Trbojević and associate Ljiljana Bubnjević; Serbian National Theatre Society (1861-1941) (Društvo za Srpsko narodno pozorište (1861-1941)) by Nenad Predojević, edited by Dejan Jakšić and associate Ljiljana Bubnjević.

  1. Digital Presentations by the Archives of Vojvodina

As part of its website, the Archives of Vojvodina had made available six digital presentations which, with special visual solutions, unified the catalogs of exhibitions and the original archival records.

  1. ”The Holocaust, European Values and Local History” Project

During the state of emergency issued because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the Archives of Vojvodina and the NGO Terraforming from Novi Sad have officially started to work on the project titled ”The Holocaust, European Values and Local History” that we livestremed from the Archives of Vojvodina as an online kickoff event. The goal of the project is to create and implement a specific and maintainable methodology for developing innovative access to archival pedagogy in local archives. The partners of the project are colleagues from Austria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic as well as Israel, Great Britain, USA, Norway, Greece and the Netherlands. Likewise, while cooperating with the Novi Sad 2021 Foundation, the project was incorporated into the European Capital of Culture 2021 program.


By author Svetozar Pajić Dijak, it was presented in a special way as part of the archival internet presentation.

  1. An Increase of the Archives of Vojvodina’s Visibility on Social Networks

During the state of emergency the Archives of Vojvodina had an increase of its followers on Facebook, meaning that since the beginning of the state of emergency the number of likes on Facebook increased by over four hundred. Likewise, in cooperation with the most visited journal for culture and arts PULSE, the Archives of Vojvodina presented its activities on a web portal that has over 32 000 followers.

  1. Activities Relating to the Main Tasks of the Archives of Vojvodina

Converting analytical descriptions from written and printed format to electronic format at the Departments for both older and newer archival records.

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