Проф. др Бошко И. Бојовић у посети Архиву Војводине

Dr. Boško I. Bojović Visits the Archvies of Vojvodina


Boško I. Bojović, historian, philologist, sociologist, tenured professor at the University of Social Sciences in Paris, tenured professor at the University for Peace and Development founded by the UN in Belgrade, author of sixteen monographs and over 190 scientific and scholarly works in domestic and foreign scientific journals. His field of interests includes medieval history and modern history of the Balkans, philology, history of medieval literature and epic poetry, history and sociology of religion as well as geopolitics of Southeastern Europe.

Dr. Bojović visited today the Archives of Vojvodina and, at the meeting with the Director of the Archives of Vojvodina Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, arranged for the presentation of his book ”Vizantija – Balkan- Evropa. Pripadnost i onostranost” (the date will be posted later on). The book VIZANTIJA, BLAKAN, EVROPA (Byzantium, Balkans, Europe) is also his first book arranged for his Serbian readers, since his former books were Serbian translations from books written in French.

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