Израелски истраживач Гидеон Грајф у посети Архиву Војводине

Israeli Researcher Gideon Greif Visits the Archives of Vojvodina

Dr. Gideon Greif and Ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ljiljana Nikšić visitd the Archives of Vojvodina.

The honorable guests were greeted by the Director of the Archives of Vojvodina Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović.

Together they went to the depots where the new archival documents are stored whereby they viewed the fond F. 183 Commission for Investigation of Crimes Committed by the Occupiers and their Collaborators in Vojvodina.

Dr. Gideon Greif looked through the archival documents connected to the war crimes from the Second World War which he will use when researching atrocities committed against Serbs in the ISC (Independent State of Croatia). The world renown expert on Auschwitz is the author of the monograph Jasenovac- the Auschwitz of the Balkans. Ustasha Empire of Cruelty whose presentation was organized by the Archives of Vojvodina and Matica Srpska at the end of last month. A significant amount of information used for writing the monograph comes from the Archives of Vojvodina.

After the visit to the depots, the Director of the Archives, together with the guests, visited the Bishop‘s (Vladika‘s) Palace where they were receieved by the Vladika of Bačka Irinej, as well as visiting the City Hall in Novi Sad where they talked with the Mayor Miloš Vučević who was informed about the research that Dr. Greif is conducting with the fond of Slavko Odić where the documents, about Ustashe atrocities against Serbs in the ISC in 1941 and 1942, are located.


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