Састанак о изградњи партнерстава у Осијеку

Meeting concerning the improvement of partnership in Osijek

A meeting was held on the 29th of October 2018 in Osijek (Cro), between representatives of cultural institutions from Novi Sad and Osijek. The meeting was organized by the ”Novi Sad 2021” Fondation in cooperation with the city of Osijek.

The goals of the meeting were to get aquianted, to exchange contact information and to discus potential forms of cooperation, esspetially with regard to joint participation for EU funds (IPA, Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens etc.), as well as aditional strenghtening of relations between the two cities. The meeting was organized in the form of a continued cooperation between the ”Novi Sad 2021” Fondation and the city of Osijek, that was a candidate for the ECC title in 2020, unfortunetely without success. Representatives of the Archives of Vojvodina Miroslav Jaćimović, Ivana Petrović and Ljiljana Bubnjević discused possible future projects with Osijek’s cultural institutions and the Director of the State Archive in Osijek, Dražen Kušen.

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