Директор Архива Војводине у посети Хиландару

The Director of the Archives of Vojvodina Visits Hilandar Monastery

Last week the Director of the Archives of Vojvodina Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, via blessing by the Hegumen (Abbot) Archimandrite Teodosije, stayed at Hilandar Monastery.

During his stay on Mount Athos (Holy Mountain), Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović visited Hilandar where he met with the clerics. At the meeting with the Assistant Hegumen Heiromonk Teodosije the main, publishing and project activities of the Archives of Vojvodina were presented. Heiromonk Teodosije showed the guests, among whom, apart from Dr. Nebjoša Kuzmanović, were also Director and TV journalist Goran Vukčević and the President of the Association of Serbs of Slovakia Stane Ribič, the way of life for the monks and the process of reconstruction of Hilandar.

While at the meeting with the monastery’s librarian Monk Milutin, Director Kuzmanović, on behalf of the Archives of Vojvodina, gave the monastery’s library a gift in the form of notable works by this institution, including a monograph with leather-binding published as part of the anniversary of the unification of the territories of Vojvodina to the Kingdom of Serbia. Of special interest for the monks were the digitized documents of the Archives of Vojvodina concerning the suffering of the Serbs in the Jasenovac concentration camp.

The Director of the Archives of Vojvodina also met with the Heiromonk Sergije who currently serves in Chicago as well as with Monk Nikolaj.

The monks of Hilandar were well-informed about the activities of the Archives of Vojvodina even before the arrival of Dr. Kuzmanović, which have intensified during the previous year, whereby key interest was shown towards the preservation of archival records held by the Archives of Vojvodina which deals with the suffering of the Serbs during the Second World War.

The Visit  by the Director of the Archives of Vojvodina to the Hilandar Monastery resulted in a agreement whereby the Archives of Vojvodina would in the future send all of its publications to the monastery’s library in print form which means that from now on archival publications will also be permanently stored at the library of Hilandar.

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