The Exhibition of Photographs Bački Monoštor – Pearl of Upper Podunavlje Officially Opens

Fourteen renown photographers

An exhibition of photographs dedicated to Bački Monoštor, the pearl of the Special Nature Reserve ”Gornje Podunavlje”, that is, since June 2017, under the protection of UNESCO, was opened at the Archives of Vojvodina (Žarka Vasiljevića 2A). The guests and artists were greeted by Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, Director of the Archives of Vojvodina, and afterwards other speakers gave a word about the exhibition of photographs, namely: Jaroslav Pap, famous photographer of nautre who, for dozens of years now, has found inspiration in precisely those areas; Zdenka Mitić, organizer of the photo safari and the President of the ”Podunav” Association; as well as the ecologist Vanja Petković, President of the Humanitarian Ecological Association ”Čepom do osmeha” (Bottle Cap for a Smile).

Everyone who is interested can see the exhibition until the 20th January 2019.

The exhibition is the result of the work of fourteen renown photographers of the Photo Club ”Rada Krstić” from Sombor and Photo Association of Vojvodina from Novi Sad that, during autum, took part in the Second Photo Safari in Bački Monoštor. The visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to see the works of: Darko Dozet, Dušan Kozoderović, Goran Barać, Goran Miluć, Ištvan Virag, Jaroslav Pap, Jovan Đikić, Lidija Andrejev, Nenad Mihajlović, Petar Zambo, Radivoj Hadžić, Robert Getel, Slađana Pantelić and Snežana Lerh.

The main goal of organizing the photo safari and the following exhibitions is for the local communities, together with the photographers and photo associations, with mutual and visual creativity, to promote the preservation of cultural heritage of local inhabitants and the natural resources of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve ”Bačko Podunavlje” as well as the contribution to the popularity of the touristic potential of the region. Monoštor is a village located in the north-western part of the AP Vojvodina, that has, thanks to its citizens, preserved the natural and traditional way of life. Apart from the Croatian Šokac majority, there are also Serbs, Roma, Hungarians and Germans who, by nurturing their customs, traditional clothes, songs, dance, speech, crafts and strong family ties, that encompases the whole village, nurture their own cultural heritage. Monoštor, located on the area near the city of Sombor, is a leading village with regards to the development of tourism. It’s rich with all kinds of biodiversity. It’s unique for its island shape that is surrounded by the river Danube, canals and swamps.

The reserve represents one of the last safe havens for the animal kingdom of the aquatic variety. The reserve is home to 51 kinds of mamals, 248 kinds of birds, 50 kinds of fish, 11 kinds of amphibians, 9 kinds of reptiles a whole host of invertebrates, among which the fauna of butterflies is noteworthy with over 60 kinds of diural butterflies, and more then 1000 kinds of plants…

Sponsors of the photo safari are the Local Comunity of Bački Monoštor and the City of Sombor, while the exhibition of photographs is sponsored by the City Administration for Culture Novi Sad.

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