Тематска трибина – Значај даривања и чувања архивске грађе као културног добра

Thematic Forum – The Importance of Giving and Protecting Archival Records as Cultural Property

After the state of emergency ended in the Republic of Serbia, the Archives of Vojvodina, in cooperation with Color Media Communications, organized a thematic forum called The Importance of Giving and Protecting Archival Records as Cultural Property (Značaj darivanja i čuvanja arhivske građe kao kulturnog dobra) on Friday the 12th of June 2020 at the amphitheater in the backyard of the Archives of Vojvodina.

The idea for this thematic forum came from Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, the Director of the Archives o Vojvodina, and Robert Čoban, the President of the Color Media Communications company, whereby they realized the importance and role of archives as an institution of protection and archival records as a cultural heritage of general interest for the public. Likewise, Dr. Kuzmanović believes that this kind of forum is needed so as to motivate people to nurture the idea of the importance of archives. Apart from that, the Director of the Archives of Vojvodina gave documents from his personal archive to the Archives of Vojvodina which has been filed under the number F.571.

The speakers at the forum were:

  • Maja Gojković, National Assembly Speaker, said that she wanted to give the endowment materials of the Lawyer’s office of the Gojković family to the Archvies of Vojvodina, and she added that the examples given by her family’s history will be able to be researched (or analyzed) so as to see how the justice system functioned; she also highlighted the importance of remembrance culture and nurturing public awareness about it.
  • Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, Director of the Archvies of Vojvodina, spoke about the process of receiving personal and family documents as well as personal and family fonds that are stored at the Archives of Vojvodina.
  • Dr. Dragan Stanić, President of Matica Srpska, spoke about the topic of Matica Srpska beginning as a charitable action.
  • Zoran Kolundzija, editor at the Prometej Publishing Company, talked about the very valuable book titled ”Zadužbinarstvo kod Srba” (Serbian Endowments) that Prometej published.
  • Viktor Lazić, President of the ”Adligat” Association, founder of the Museum of Serbian Literature and Book and Travel Museum in Belgrade, spoke about technical problems when receiving archival and library materials.
  • Robert Čoban, President of the Color Media Communication Company, spoke about the importance of nurturing cultural heritage.

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