Стручна радионица у Бечу

Workshop in Vienna

On November 6-8th 2019, the workshop “Remote Access to the Arolsen Archives from Vienna” was held at the premises Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies,. Representative of the Archives of Vojvodina, archivist Aleksandar Bursać, attended the workshop.

The workshop was organized in order to train participants (16 of them, mostly from the Austria and neighboring countries) how to use records of the Arolsen Archives, by their own computers via remote access. The Arolsen Archives is international center with the most comprehensive archive on the victims and survivors of National Socialism. A large proportion of the 30 million documents it contains have already been digitized. Up until now, the database could only be accessed on site at the Arolsen Archives or by visiting one of seven partner institutions worldwide.

The workshop was very useful, since most of the participants found documents needed for their researches. Besides acquired knowledge, professional contacts were established as well. Cooperation between the Archives of Vojvodina and the Arolsen Archives was also initiated, with aim….


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