Professional Training of Archivists from the Archive of Vojvodina in the Budapest City Archives

Стручно усавршавање архивиста Архива Војводине у Архиву у Будимпешти
Višnja Nikolić, archivist and restorator, and Šarlota Kartag, archivist, from the Archives of Vojvodina, participated in the professional training event ''Prošlost je zajednička, sačuvajmo je za budućnost VI'' (Our common past should be preserved for the future VI) in the Budapest City Archives, from the 15th to the 18th of October 2018.

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Continuation of the Visit to Archives in Budapest

Наставак посете у Будимпештанским Архивима
On the 17th of October 2018, a delegation of the Archives of Vojvodina, headed by Director Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, visited the
Pest County Archives in Budapest. Dr. Laslo Šramek (László Schramek), the Director of the archive, met up with the delegation and presented them with documents selected from the archive, that deal with the history of Serbs on historically Hungarian territories, especially from Srpski Kovin and Sentandreje (Szentendre). According to the arrangement, those valuable documents will be scanned and handed to the Archives of Vojvodina. The delegation also had the opportunity to see old written notes of the City Assembly of Sentandreje from the 18th century, that were written in the Serbian language, in the Cyrillic alphabet.

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International Archival Advisory "Tara 2018"

Međunarodno arhivsko savjetovanje
Organized by the Archival Society of Serbia and the Historical Archive of Uzice, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information, in the period from 10.10. to 12.10.2018. The Tara 2018 International Archival Advisory was held on Tara . The conference was attended by representatives of the archives from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, as well as a large number of representatives of the registry. Archives of Vojvodina were: Milena Popović Subić, Ljiljana Dožić, Dejan Maoduš and Zoran Stevanović.

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Archives of Vojvodina visiting the National Archives - National Archives of Hungary

Archives of Vojvodina visiting the National Archives - National Archives of Hungary
Today, in the National Archives - the Hungarian National Archives in Budapest, a meeting was held between the representatives of the Archives of Vojvodina, the directors of Dr. Nebojsa Kuzmanovic, Zuzana Mezei, Zoran Stevanovic and Dejan Maodusa with Csaba Szabo, General Manager of the Hungarian National Archives. On this occasion, a joint future cooperation was agreed.

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Regulations and Standards

Regulations, resolutions and regulations relating to the protection of cultural goods, standards for the description of archives and the archival normative record of the creators and imavers.

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