Састанак у вези преузимања црквених матичних књига које се налазе у локалним самоуправама

Meeting of Directors and Representatives of the Archives in the AP Vojvodina in the Archives of Vojvodina

On the 11th of February 2019, a meeting was held between the Director of the Archives of Vojvodina, Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, and the directors and representatives of the archives from the AP Vojvodina, concerning the topic of acquiring parish registers that are located in local self-governments.

The introductory presentation was given by Milena Popović Subić that informed the representatives of the archives about the main points of a meeting that was held in the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, specifically on the topic of acquiring parish registers, digitization and microfilming of vital records. Representatives of the archives said that they are ready to acquire the remaining parish registers. As for digitization and microfilming, additional equipment, that most archives lack, is required. Vital records were highlighted to be a cultural property of exceptional importance, and that only archives may take care of them, as well as the fact that digitization and microfilming should be done by jurisdictional archives. Likewise, it should be noted that certain archives have completely finished the process of digitization of vital records that they took in early on. For microfilming parish registers, it is important to secure the necessary equipment for the archives.



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