Посета представника Амбасаде Словачке Репубике Архиву Војводине

Representatives of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic Visit the Archives of Vojvodina

Today on the 11th of February 2019, the Archives of Vojvodina was visited by the Consul of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic Mrs. Barbora Galović who informed the Director of the Archives of Vojvodina, Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, about the protocol visit by the Minister of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Mrs. Ľubica Laššáková (Ljubica Lašakova), to the Republic of Serbia with her delegation.

The Minister will visit the Republic of Serbia in order to attend the International Mother Language Day that is held every year in Kovačica on the 21th of February 2019, where she will meet with her Serbian colleague Mr. Vladan Vukosavljević, Minister for Culture of the Republic of Serbia. The next day, the Minister, together with her delegation, will visit citizens who are of the Slovak minority in Vojvodina, representatives of the Novi Sad government and the Archives of Vojvodina.

Dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović introduced the Consul, Mrs. Galović, to a project that is part of the cultural heritage and which focuses on digitization and presentation of the archival holdings of the fonds F. 183 of the Archives of Vojvodina, by creating an internet platform for certain topics. The project includes digitization, translating and presenting documents that are in Slovak language, that were previously unavailable and that were categorized as a cultural property of exceptional importance. Documents that were created by the Commission for Investigation of Crimes Committed by the Occupiers and their Collaborators in Vojvodina, or more precisely the Survey Commission for Crimes Committed Against Slovaks, will be scanned, processed and presented on a specially made internet platform, with a total of 1728 documents.



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