„ПАНОНСКА АТИНА – ИСИДОРА СЕКУЛИЋ” – сусрети и разговори

”PANONIAN ATHENA – ISIDORA SEKULIĆ” – Meetings and Discutions

Today on the 22nd of December 2020, at the Archives of Vojvodina, an event was held titled ”PANONIAN ATHENA – ISIDORA SEKULIĆ” (PANONSKA ATINA – ISIDORA SEKULIĆ) with the subtitle ”TO ISIDORA SEKULIĆ WITH SINCERE DEVOTION” (ISIDORI SEKULIĆ SA DUBOKOM ODANOŠĆU) organized by the Serbian Association of Lecturers of Russian Language, Literature, History and Culture Novi Sad with support by the City Council in Charge of Culture of the City of Novi Sad and the Archives of Vojvodina.

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