Crimes of the ustashe : Viktor Tomić’s action in Srem in 1942


Nebojša Kuzmanović, PhD

Aleksandar Dimitrijević, MA

Technical Editor
Tatjana Cavnić

Archives of Vojvodina

Translated into English and Proofreading by
Aleksandar Dimitrijević, MA

Professional Associates
Aleksandar Bursać
Kristijan Obšust, MSc

Book Cover Designer
LIMUN DESIGN, Nataša David Iskrenović

Vesna Dobrosavljev

Aleksandar Pavlović

In 2022 last year, it had been eighty years since the Bloody Summer in Srem. This was the main reason to review the entire context of theDrumhead Court-Martial and Viktor Tomić’s Action in Srem duringthe summer months of 1942 from the perspective of today’s generation,based on the current level of research done on the topic, and also witha critical overview of older researchers and their works. The savagery ofthis operation, its undeniably genocidal characteristics, and its consequencesfor the people in Srem, still attract the attention of scholars andthe general public. And with good reason too. According to recent data,during Tomić’s Action in Srem, there have been around 6,000 men,women and children that have been murdered or went missing, while more than 10,000 were arrested and abused. These people were killed in the cruelest ways possible after days-long sadistic abuse by the Ustashe. During this operation, many villagers in Srem lost their lives, as well as a large part of the Serbian intellectual elite.

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